NLRC orders VXI to reinstate illegally dismissed employee

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  • Advocātus Diabolī

    I say, that the agent clearly committed fraud and there is many like him in the BPO industry. What I hate with these people are they are usually the ones who cries foul and demand for justice, such heretics!. The real victims are the companies who pay them, these miscreants have the guts to bite back the hand that feed them.
    They have no honor and why cant they just admit that they made a mistake and face the consequences? Why prolong and extend the damage that they have incurred.
    They are like children hiding in their mama’s blouses. If they feel that someone did them wrong, they would run to NLRC and hope that the law would turn towards their favor. I hate em!

  • KetchupHero

    Well, I am a representative as well. I can say that many other CSR’s out there do what this Arvin did. its just sad to know that, we’re supposed to be trusted by the clients and not the ones who violates their trust.

  • Sai Lambongan

    The trend I notice with all of these NLRC hearings involving BPOs are the allegations and the show of proof which is just paper. When attending a hearing they should bring the actual recording of the conversation in order to cement their accusation that the agent/s are guilty of said crimes but since they refuse to offer it as proof then it’s just a matter of hear say or agent says/company management says. Honestly, when I saw some of these hearings before I was just laughing deep inside. Why? Because the reps from the company think that a piece of paper with a “script” of the “conversation” is admissible as evidence? C’mon, it’s just a piece of paper w/ words that anyone could easily add or take off. Anyone can do it. In DOLE’s side, I wish DOLE would be more tough and stern with their verdict because companies could afford lawyers while employees can’t and if the company asks for a repeal then it’s just a waiting game and see who has more money to burn.