Life after BPO

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  • iza

    I admire you for being persistent to finish studies. :) I feel you. When I worked in BPO, I started to miss out family gatherings which breaks my heart a lot. Hmmm. Well, Congratulations!!!

  • Nico

    I can relate on this, this story is exactly what I am going through now. I really want to leave everything and start studying again,.. but I just cant resist what I have right now, I’m still working on BPO, morning shift with a good position on the company. So I’m thinking, after I graduate, where am I going to work? its hard to find a decent job with a good pay as we all know it. that is actually my main concern.. hoping to find some advice here.. Thanks!

  • rtm

    I studied while working for a bpo. It was distance education. I was able to finish and graduate. I am no longer working for the bpo but I am glad that I did. I learned a lot from it and applied those to my current work.

  • daryl

    hi. i was inspired by your story, but mine is a bit different. im also a bsed-math student by day. a regular call center agent by night. id like to share my story but not right now. #tamangpanahon

  • Rebecca Miakoun

    I was inpired.. like really inspired makakagraduate din ako! :-)