Lets Get United as BPO Workers

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  • lobbyist2014

    The best way to address bpo workers concerns is via legislation…. a law specific to bpo industry or magna carta for bpo employees.

  • garretblake

    I work in an Australian company based here in the Philippines. I was originally profiled in an account that requires taking voice calls almost 2 years ago. After more or less 6 weeks of training, we were laterally transferred to different work streams, because there is one process there that the Australian government still cannot approve to be processed offshore, that resulted for that particular work stream to go over their head count. Hence, the transfers. I got transferred into an account wherein we only do underwritings, in lay man’s term, like an administrative work. Some time October of last year, until almost March of this year, I had left and right issues with the company, like score cards were not given, or discussed for a year, which may gravely impact our appraisals and incentives, payroll disputes, unrealistic score card KPIs that I had to step up along with my other colleagues and talk to the higher management. Even though the results of the processes were unfair, rather than not getting anything at all, I opted signing the provided scorecard. After all these stressful processes and brouhaha, relationship with my team lead did not improve. March came, I had all the symptoms of being hypertensive and have a coronary artery disease and dyslipidemia that last May 28th, I had to undergo a Coronary Angiogram procedure. On that same day, along with my 2 other colleagues, were invited on a meeting by the operations manager and business director, to discuss that we will be transferred or returned to our original profiled work stream as more people is needed there. I verbally appealed to them that maybe they can reconsider their decision, or at least temporarily, until such time that I recover, or with hopes, recuperate fully. I even made a formal letter to them through email, with the HR copied. They were supportive during these times that I was confined, only requesting me for medical certificate and fit to work to know when will I return to work. I was hoping that maybe when I go back, I will still be retained in my present account, which is underwriting. The first medical certificates I got from my resident cardiologist are fit to work, and some remarks stating “patient is advised to be doing administrative works only.” Obviously, these men of medicine don’t know the term we use in the BPO world, but still, I find his comments and advice okay. HR Department did not accept it, since they want the med certs come from the cardiologist who did the angiogram procedure for me. So I went back to Medical City Ortigas (mind you, I am from Rizal) and requested of the same certificate. The cardiologist even commented, that this recommendation shouldn’t be coming from him, but rather from the company physician. The certificate bears the same advice as the resident cardiologist, that administrative works are advised. HR Department did not accept it, as they say, the certificates provided were “too general.” What they want to see is something that mentions “not supposed to take voice calls” or something to that effect. I went back to my resident cardiologist, and what he stated “not recommended in a call center setup as this my aggravate the patient’s illness.” HR Department mentioned that this will be validated and be studied but for the meantime, I will not to go back to the underwriting account, but undergo training with the call center department. I have been here for more than a month now,though I have not taken calls yet since we’re still waiting for our login tools.

    One time, I heard from a friend, that she had a talk with the HR people and were telling her, that HR is having difficult times where to place me, as I cannot go back to the underwriting account, as that is where my hypertension and CAD started. They can’t have me on my present account anymore, which is call center department, since this may trigger my illness. What they will require me to do is consult a public health office and have them reevaluate my condition. With this, I did some research, which I found out, they can terminate me anytime.

    I am getting depressed now, and cannot help worrying as my job is in jeopardy. This is my family’s bread and butter and I cannot afford to lose this job. I haven’t read any options that I can or what to do. I might have missed out some information, but feel free to respond on this. Please help me out or you might have any advice?