Call Center Agent jumps to his death from IT park building

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  • mistersurveyor007

    Grabeh unsa kahay na feel sa girl ani noh

  • hardknocked

    gihimo ra niya miserable ang life sa strong!this is not your fault!

  • mistersurveyor007

    luoy pod ang girl pero at the same time I feel for the guy, maybe 1 advice from a friend or a little prayer could have saved him from doing it.

  • anon

    withheld ang name sa article pero nasa screenshots naman nakalagay.. nyek..

  • Martine Kay

    The author called the guy “weak”. This is the reason why people who are depressed do not seek professional help because our society perceive them as “weak”. As long as this author and the society will perceive them as “weak”, more suicides will happen.

  • ramil digal gulle

    hey do your job right. You just violated WHO guidelines for media coverage of suicides. Your manner of covering this may encourage copycat suicides. If a vulnerable person reads your news and is encouraged to self-terminate you will be partially responsible.

  • Roza

    the girl who is the reason of his tragic end will haunt her for the rest of her life

  • Ryan0h

    Its such a tragic event. But why put the name of the company in the headline? The company, i believe, is not related to the alleged suicide.