WIPRO top dog runs amok in bar; hits subordinate lady manager

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  • bambi?

    Hala ka diha! Who could that lady be? Indeed so interesting.

    • PahipiLangKo

      hahaha! Nothing is more interesting sa imong gi-pick na name. :)

  • sam

    Ohhh my g… looya sa lady manager.. ngano siya man? Naa jud gaprovoke ato. Tsk tsk

  • wiproemployee

    hmmmm cguro nag porma porma to xa sa baye unya wala pansina, nalagot na daun xa…

  • callcenterguy

    This is just so unprofessional for someone his level

    • samy ferara

      can we judge a person without knowing…….what has happened….

  • Dungeon hunter

    Otoyo…..Boss og BPO nya sa pipeline ra gahubog, dapat sa Marco polo, Shang ba o sa waterfront. Way budget ni nga Boss? Di ni taga Banawa.

    • basyong


  • coolguy

    Why would he hit the girl? Was he so drunk that he accidentally fell on her… looking at his size he wud fall heavily and cause injury.. :) Also don’t see any of his colleagues … Looks like an inside job in framing him.

    • replier

      hmmmm nice thought process you have going in here. If it was an inside job they could have name the person instead, I think the author of this post did not want to involve other people because of the sensitivity of the matter. Well just sayin…

      • coolguy

        None of us were there so who can judge…. It talk about handcuffs and people holding back … Seems none of that

        • samy ferara

          i agree……

      • samy ferara

        why are u defending the author……. it can be anything……wht de say …may be correct……

    • Kaya kaya

      I agree..Probably,he might be a victim for driving performance in his team :-(

      • Kaya kaya

        My friend,who works in the same company, was also present there.She said these are rumours.Nothing of that sort happened.

  • samy ferara

    this question is for everyone who comments on any issue…….
    who decides …..person has done anything wrong ????

  • samy ferara

    who gives news of peoples personal lives….

  • samy ferara

    please think n comment……..as one day may be u will be the victim of this kind of personal matter or i should say PERSONAL RIVALRY……..

  • samy ferara

    who replies to these post………… i need reply from you…..

  • samy ferara

    who are we people to judge a person whom we dont know……n the person who posted this ……..is he aware of the person …whose pic he has posted……with ….god knows …who told the story…..who are all these people…….have you ever thought he might have family…..who may suffer becoz of just a professional rivalry…..

  • samy ferara

    we just need a story ….to get comments……or to add spice in our lives……
    Media is becoming worst then terrorism……

  • samy ferara

    please stop playing with others lives……it can be you also ……

  • wipro emp

    I am sure this is an revenge taken for driving a discipline on the floor ..

    • Pete

      This is the reward one gets for driving discipline and performance absolute victimization, discipline is the key for bpo industry and these dogs don’t understand that, imagine if processes are run by people how do not understand d of discipline and play such filthy games that suit their personal interest, I would say industry is going to dogs

  • pal

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