Call Center Agents are Underrated

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  • jenny

    Kaya nagiging cheap na ang image ng mga call center agent,ksi naman nagha hire pa sila ng mga undergraduate…and sad to say the undergraduates are given the opportunity to be promoted..ikaw ba naman graduate ka tapos u have the same privileges as with the undergraduates?un ang nakakainis!…ine encourage nila na hindi na dapat magtapos ng pag aaral tutal qualifid nmn cla na magwork sa call center kahit hindi sila graduate..sana naman noh..istop na nila ang paghire sa mga undergraduate..para ma uplift naman ang image ng mga call center agent.

  • jenny

    True story…undergraduate, na promote as quality assurance at supervisor..what the fuck!sana naman naisip ng mga person in charge sa recruitment ang negative image sa company at sa BPO industry..napakacheap!sayang ung college degree natin kng ile level lng pla tayo sa mga undergraduates….

  • Pyke Conde

    It doesn’t require a lot to be able to work in a call center which is why most refer to it as a jologs job.

  • Leen Cruz

    You will never know the true meaning of HARDSHIPS and SUCCESS . Don’t base your knowledge and capabilities with the educational attainment that you have. The reason why BPO industries accepting undergrad or 2 yrs course graduates. Because sometimes they more talented than those people who are degree holder , sometimes you just depend on your high educational background . It’s really great to have these kinds industry in the Philippines who focus more on a person’s ability, not only on educational attainment :)
    Call Canter Agents are the greatest :)